The Palais is a Huon Valley Council building managed by the Palais Management Committee which is elected annually by the community and appointed by Council to administer the theatre according to the terms of reference established by Council. 

 The committee is a volunteer group of community members who meet monthly to conduct routine affairs of the Palais and to plan maintenance and promote the use of the Palais to its fullest, preserving the building for the enjoyment of current and future generations of Huon Valley residents.

Office Bearers

The current office bearers of the Palais Management Committee (PMC) are:
  • Chair/ Barbara Dawson
  • Vice Chair/ Liz Hammer
  • Treasurer/ Carolyn Booker
  • Secretary/ Southerly Dolling
  • Member/ Jane Dredge
  • Member/  Noel Woodrow
  • Member/ Gavin Gordon
  • Member/ David Pannell
  • Member/ Tom Stevens
  • Booking Officer/ Bridget Nicklasonking


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