Fees and Bond

Room Hire Charges

The fees are set by council and have been reduced from previous years to ensure the facility is available to all
community groups or individuals.

Hire charges cover access to the hall and the facilities described above for the agreed period.

Hire charges do not include the provision of additional seating, stage equipment, including sound and theatrical
lighting, or cleaning.

Hirers will be charged a fee to cover the cost of cleaning if this is required after their use. The fee charged is
$35 per hour.

A deposit to cover additional expenses will be required at the time of signing the hire agreement (this deposit
requirement may be waived at the discretion of the Palais Management Committee).

It is possible that the Main Hall and the Supper Room may be hired simultaneously for two different activities. If
you believe the activity you are organising is not compatible with another activity please mention this at the time
of signing the hire agreement – you may wish to consider hiring both rooms.

NB. If set- up or breakdown of equipment needs to occur on day prior to or following, hours required to do this are
charged at the normal hourly rate for that room.

Hire Rates

  • Main Hall Monday-Thursday $111 / day or $23 / hour
  • Main Hall Friday-Sunday $132 / day or $28 / hour
  • Supper Room Any day $72 / day or $19 / hour
  • Noni Carr Room Any day $46/ day or $16/ hour
  • All rooms (any day) for approved community groups is $10.00 hour, main hall $80/ day (Contact Wayne Thorpe at Huon Valley Council for approval)
  • Weddings or parties where alcohol is served $268/ day (set up at usual rates)
  • Multiple bookings per week may qualify for a 25% reduction of full fee


The management committee manages a bond system for hall hirers.
General event bond $250 (including cleaning)

There is a service of alcohol bond of $155 additional to general bond.
Coming of age birthdays (18th and 21st) bond is $500

Equipment Rates

All Items must are to be returned in clean state.  breakages must be replaced.

  • Wine Glasses x 100 / $22.00 ( inc GST )
  • Champagne Glasses x 100 / $22.00 ( inc GST )
  • Trestle Tables x 12 / $5.50 each ( inc GST ) – included in hall hire
  • Chairs x 200 / $1.50 each – included in hall hire
  • Urn for 1 Day / $22.00 ( inc GST )
  • Data projector + screen/ $ 25.00 (inc GST) $10.00 for HVC recognised community groups
  • There is an equipment bond on all items of $50

NB Glass breakages $3.00 per glass

Sound System Rates

The Palais Sound System is available for use by hirers.

  • The hire fee is $60 per use/ day
  • Community rate $30 per use/day
  • A separate bond of $50 is applicable and must be paid prior to the event

Digital cinema projector

  • $100 per use/ day
  • Community Rate $50.00 per use/day
  • A separate bond of $250 is applicable and must be paid prior to the event