Fees and Bond

Room Hire Charges

Hall hire fees and bonds are set by Council on 1 July each year.

Hire charges cover access to the hall or room hired, for the agreed period (hire fee includes time required to set up beforehand, and to clear up after the event).

It is possible that the Main Hall and the Supper Room may be hired simultaneously for two different activities. If you believe the activity you are organising is not compatible with another activity, please mention this at the time of signing the hire agreement – you may wish to consider hiring both rooms.

Note – the Franklin Palais Collective operates a small retail outlet in a room at the front of the Palais from 10am to 3pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Funds raised by the Collective help pay the costs of operating and maintaining the Palais Theatre. If you believe the event you are organising is not compatible with this, please discuss with Booking Officer at the time of signing the hire agreement.


(Mon – Thurs)

Room Daily Rate Hourly Rate
Main hall $114 $24
Supper room $73 $20
Noni Carr room $ 47 $17

(Fri – Sun)

Room Daily Rate Hourly Rate
Main hall $136 $29
Supper room $73 $20
Noni Carr room $47 $17


* Hire – Bonafide Community Groups rate:  Main hall $12/hour. When the venue is hired for the purpose of conducting classes that contribute to both the health and wellbeing of the community, or are a not-for-profit organisation, the hirer may be charged under the Bonafide Community Groups rate. Council retains the right to determine what is to be classified as contributing to the health and wellbeing of the community. (Council approval in writing required)


 * Hire – Personal events where alcohol will be consumed (e.g. weddings and birthday parties): the standard hire fee set by Council is $276 for the event itself, plus bond of $530. (In addition to this, normal room hire rates apply for the time needed to set up and breakdown the event)

* If any one Hall or Meeting Room is hired more than once a week by the same user, the hire fee can be discounted by 25% (Council approval in writing required)



The Palais Management Committee manages a bond system for hall hirers, on behalf of Council. All bonds must be paid prior to the event, and are refundable when all hall hire Terms and Conditions are met (see our website page http://franklinpalais.com/bookings/franklin-palais-hall-hire-terms-and-conditions/)

  • An event bond of $250 per hire (covers damage, breakages, or any additional cleaning required)
  • A service of alcohol bond of $160 per hire (additional to event bond).
  • For personal events where alcohol will be consumed (e.g. weddings, birthday parties) the bond is $530.


Equipment Hire Rates

The Palais Theatre offers a number of additional items that are available for hire, if requested. All items are to be returned in a clean state and breakages must be notified to the Booking Officer.


Glasses (wine, champagne) $22 per 100.   (breakages = $3 per glass)
Urn / day $22
Table-top data projector + screen $25 per use / $10 community rate


 Sound System Rates

The Palais Sound System (PA + microphone) is available for use by hirers at no additional charge.

Digital cinema projector

  • $100 per use/day
  • Community Rate $50.00 per use/day
  • A separate bond of $250 is applicable and must be paid prior to the event

Additional Costs

Before your hire begins, we will let you know what we expect from hirers regarding tidying up and cleaning at the conclusion of an event. Hirers will be charged a fee to cover the cost of additional rubbish disposal, or cleaning or tidying up if required after the event (weekdays $37.50 +GST per person per hour / weekends $75.00 per person per hour).  If you wish the Palais contract cleaner to clean on your behalf, this needs to be agreed with them, and arranged at least 2 weeks ahead of your event.  Please speak to our Booking Officer about this option